Facebook Group: “Music and the Bible”

February 7, 2017

I recently started a closed Facebook discussion group called “Music and the Bible.” The description for my group states:

God has given to us much revelation in the Bible about music. Through careful discussion of what He has given us, we can all strive to be better equipped to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever in all aspects of our lives that involve music.

Today, I posted the following in that group:

At least ever since Cain refused to worship God properly (Gen. 4), God has not received the worship that He has deserved from mankind. Reading through Isaiah 46-66 this morning and comparing various statements in those chapters with Psalms 96, 98, and 100, it is clear that God has commanded the entire world to worship Him by singing praises to Him *accompanied by musical instruments* (Ps. 98:4-6).

God has never yet received such worldwide praise. A central facet of our worldwide mission is to disciple all nations to glorify God by singing praises to Him accompanied by musical instruments that are played in ways that are pleasing to Him.

If you are a Christian who is genuinely and seriously interested in discussing what the Bible reveals about music, please contact me about joining this group.



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2 responses to Facebook Group: “Music and the Bible”

  1. I could not find where to comment about solomon so am doing it here sorry. I disagree with yr assessment completly. First there is no record in scripture where solomon repented i dont think that was a coinsidence. Because for those who repented it recorded. Alot of christians have a hard time believing that solomon perished eternally but we cant put in the scriptures what is not there.God aks us not to add to his word so lets not do that. Most of the passages that you provided donot support your point its quite the opposite. Based on what you wrote 1.Gods promise to david about his son was fullfilled he did all of it. It was solomon who did not hold up to his part in this covenant. 2. Gods love for solomon was not unique in the sence that he loved solomon more than anyone else because that is what you are implying. You are saying that because God love solomon in such a special way despite solomon sins he speared him eternal punishment. Am sorry but GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS. 3 you canot partly serve God. You cannot halfway turn your back on God. You are either all in with him or you are not. In rev neither hot nor cold God hates that he said these people he will spew out of his mouth. Solomon made a choice from day one to disobey God where women was concerned he made a choice to allow them to turn his heart so much so he build idols in God house. Thats how far gone he was if there was a spec of respect in his heart for God he would not have fone that. 4. Gods mercy towards someone anyone even solomon doesnot negate accountability and responsibility on his part. Even today the vilest amongst us enjoys the benefits of Gods mercy. Solomon had to live by the 613 mosiac laws just like all the other patriachs some made it some didnt. Just like we have to live by the word of God today some will make it some will not. Solomon sealed his own fate he more than anyone else who has ever lived or will ever lived knew better.

    • Just as you commented on this post, you can comment on the post about Solomon. If you will copy your comment from here and put it on that article, we can then discuss your points in this comment.