Thought-Provoking Article concerning This Year’s Republican Elections

May 12, 2016

“The very idea that ANYONE besides God could “make America (or any other nation) great” is Biblically refuted, proud, and headed for the same fate as Nebuchadnezzar’s boasting in Daniel 4. Donald Trump’s very slogan should send chills down the spine of any Bible-believing Christian at its sheer arrogance, claiming to do what only God can do.”

Thought-provoking quote from an article by Scottish pastor Jon Gleason that is worth reading:

Evangelicals, Donald Trump, and Making America Great



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3 responses to Thought-Provoking Article concerning This Year’s Republican Elections

  1. I have read the article and am considering a rebuttal to John. He has my utmost respect but I believe, while he is right on some points, were in others.

    For example, when he says he believes nobody has ever accused Donald Trump of promoting righteousness I disagree. They may not use that exact phraseology but they do recognize many of the things he is promoting are based in righteous or Divine principles for a nation and that is pleasing to God.

    His desire to protect our constitutional freedoms which he recognizes are judeo-christian and his desire to protect the people of God the Christians, are both very righteous things so I disagree with John on this wholesale view of Donald Trump but my rebuttal would have much more but this is just one example.

  2. I have had limited time but enough to put together my rebuttal to Jon’s article. Here is the link.

    • Quite an extensive response for having limited time. I’ll give what you have written careful consideration and get back to you.