November 12, 2011

I recently came up with a variation of the game Rummikub that I call Speed-Kub. This variation takes far less time to play, making it ideal for playing at times when you know that you will not have time to play the regular game.

Speed-Kub has only three simple rule changes, making it an easy variation to play:

–Each player starts with 10 tiles (instead of 14).

–To start playing, a player needs to lay out one or more sets (a group or a run of two or more tiles) totaling at least 20 points (instead of one or more sets of three or more tiles totalling at least 30 points).

–On any turn, a player can make groups or runs of just two tiles (instead of having to make groups or runs of at least three tiles each).

These changes make the game go much faster and also make Speed-Kub a good variation to play with younger players!



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