Guitar for Ministry Update 9.21.14

September 21, 2014

For many years, I have prayed that God would give me opportunities to use the guitar for ministry in ways that would glorify Him. As part of His answers to my prayers, I had the opportunity today to use my guitar to accompany people in two ministries at my church!

Including the opportunities that I had today, I have used my guitar to minister in four different ministries at my church in the past two years:

1. Instrumental openers and offertories as well as accompanying people who sang specials for our regular Sunday morning and evening services;

2. Instrumental specials and accompanying people who sang specials for our Spanish ministry;

3. Instrumental specials and accompanying people who sang specials for our Neighborhood Class ministry; and,

4. Accompanying singing for our Released Time ministry—a ministry for children from a local elementary school.

I have also been able to minister with my guitar in various services at two local Spanish churches. Beyond my playing for some services at these churches, I have also had the opportunity to teach various guitar-for- ministry classes at these two churches.

The Lord has also answered my prayers by allowing me to create three new accompaniment styles for playing the guitar that I have not heard anyone else use before. Moreover, He has allowed me to develop a new approach to learning and playing the guitar that I have successfully taught to the students that I have had for the past several years.

In answer to my prayers, I have also originated several highly effective approaches to using the guitar to play music at an advanced level. It has been quite encouraging to have several students successfully learn some of these techniques.

Lord willing, I hope to publish several guitar method books in the future that will allow many other people to benefit much from what God has entrusted to me in answer to my many prayers about using the guitar for ministry. May He see fit to advance His kingdom and righteousness greatly through using these resources for His eternal glory.




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