Through the Bible in Greek and English in 2011!

December 31, 2011

I praise the Lord that He has sustained me throughout this year and allowed me to make it through the Bible this year in both Greek and English!

Section Greek English
OT 929/929 929*/929
NT 260/260 260/260
Bible 1189/1189 1189/1189

*Includes listening to 410 chapters of the OT from the Bible on MP3

Counting these two times through the Bible, God has now allowed me to make it through the Bible in English 24 times and in Greek twice since I was saved in January of 1990!

There were many times when it seemed that there would be no way that I would make it through in either Greek or English this year. Two changes that I made late in the year helped me to catch up and finish:

(1) Listening to the KJV on CD, including many times at fast speed; and,

(2) Reading many chapters in the GNT one verse at a time using BibleWorks 7.

As God directs and grants grace, I hope to read through the Bible again in both Greek and English each year for the next several years.



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