Twenty-five Times through the Book of Psalms in 2012!

December 27, 2012

I began 2012 with a great longing to read the Psalms again and made it through the book by January 17. I made it through the book again by February 29, which was the first time I had read the book through two months in a row.

In March, God laid a burden upon me to immerse myself in the book for the rest of the year. Having read the book through 25 times before this year, I decided that I would try to read the book 25 times this year to get to 50 times through the book in my lifetime.

By the end of June, I had read the book 10 times, and it seemed that getting to 25 times through would not be possible. At the end of August, I was at 14 times through and thought that I was not going to make it.

I almost gave up on this project more than once this year. Still, God worked to make me persevere.

This morning, God allowed me to finish my twenty-fifth time through the Psalms this year, including one time through the book in the LXX and once in the RVR60 Spanish Bible! Praise God!



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