The Value of a Tract on a Windshield

April 5, 2013

Most believers believe that tracts are a good way to share the gospel with people. For various reasons, however, many are often reluctant to pass them out personally to people.

Leaving tracts impersonally in various locations for people to find at a later point is an alternative way of evangelism that probably not many believers use very often today. My testimony of salvation shows that God does use this means of evangelism.

While living in Cookeville, TN, in 1989, I was working retail at a local K-Mart store. One day, I returned to my car to find a piece of paper that someone had stuck under my left windshield wiper.

I do not remember now whether I was annoyed at that time or not. I do remember removing the paper from my windshield and looking at what it was.

Finding the title God’s Simple Plan of Salvation to be interesting, I proceeded to read the tract. (I’m not sure now whether I read it right away or later on that day, but I did read it sometime that day.) Sometime soon after reading that tract as well as other materials, God saved me by convincing me of the truth of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead!

What’s more, if I am remembering correctly, I think that the tract was from Calvary Baptist Church in Cookeville, which turned out to be the same church that God led me to attend shortly after I was saved! I look forward to finding out in eternity who shared the tract with me that helped me to be saved.

We never know how God will use the tracts that we give to people and the tracts that we just leave in various places for people to find later!

Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.



Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.