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April 29, 2014

Using the Summaries capabilities of Jetpack to determine the posts/pages on my blog/website with 100 or more views since February 2013 is quite revealing. Apparently, at least over the past 14 months, items related to music are of the most interest overall.

All Time
Title Views
Home page / Archives 1,923
The Autobiography of Dr. Frank Watson Garlock 432
Striking Parallels between Jesus and Stephen 430
On “Cultural Racism” and Christian Opposition to “Holy Hip-Hop” 371
Christian Health/Fitness Quotes I 338
Gene Simmons, American Idol, and the CCM Debate 279
The Wilds Songbook: Eight Edition 229
Guitar Music for “Praise Him, All Ye Little Children” 211
Guitar Music for “My Song is Love Unknown” 202
Will Jesus Raise You Up at the Last Day? 201
Learning from “The Cross-Billy Graham’s Message to America” 175
Resources That Provide Answers to Key Issues Concerning CCM 171
The “Problem” of Jemimah, Keziah, and Keren-Happuch? 168
Will The Sensuality of CCM in Your Church Worsen the Wickedness of Many Herod-Like People in Your Church? 168
Guitar Music and Chords for “Cristo Me Ama” 166
Beware Endangering Yourself and Others through Music! 161
New Book by Shelly Hamilton about CCM 158
New Hymnal from Majesty Music 157
About Rajesh Gandhi 152
Music 136
About A People for His Name 129
Quotes from Church Fathers & “The Apostle’s Creed” 122
Do 1 Timothy 4:4-5 and Romans 14:14 Refute What Shai Linne Says They Do? 117
Guitar Music for “Nearer, Still Nearer” 116
Guitar Music for “The Church’s One Foundation” 111
Is Scripture Silent about Musical Styles That Are Inherently Unacceptable to God? 108
Guitar Music for “Jesus, I Am Resting” 100

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Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.