The Surprising Top All-Time Most Viewed Posts on My Blog (10.6.15)

October 6, 2015

I continue to be amazed to find out what the top all-time most viewed posts on my blog have been. I never would have expected the top articles to be of such comparatively greater interest than some of the ones that I thought would have been more viewed.

It’s very intriguing to me that the following have been the top 5 most viewed posts on my blog:

1. Nine Reasons Why Solomon Did Not Perish Eternally

2. The Autobiography of Dr. Frank Watson Garlock

3. Striking Parallels between Jesus and Stephen

4. Christian Health/Fitness Quotes I

5. The “Problem” of Jemimah, Keziah, and Keren-Happuch?

The stats below for the top 25 all-time most viewed posts show that there have not been all that many people who have viewed what I have posted over the past nearly 4 or so years since I started keeping track of the views on my blog. Even so, I am thankful for those who have profited from what I have shared!

Top 25 posts 10.6.15



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