Bible Reading Update 7/9/11

July 9, 2011

I began this year with the intention of reading through the entire Bible in Greek this year. I had hoped also to finish reading again through the KJV this year, but it looks as if that will not happen.

Here is the progress (chapters read/total chapters) that God has allowed me to make so far after 190 days!

Section Greek English
OT 539/920 284/920
NT 8/269 269/269
Bible 547/1189 553/1189

With 175 days left in 2011, my goal is to finish reading the LXX by day 320 and finish reading the Greek NT in the remaining 45 days.

To do that, I will have to average reading three chapters in the LXX for the next 130 days and six chapters in the Greek NT for the final 45 days.



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