"Using Guitar for Ministry" – first class

October 13, 2011

Tonight, I taught my first Using Guitar for Ministry class at a local Spanish church. Because I had been told by the pastor that many Spanish-speaking people like to use the solfeggio system (do –re –mi –fa –so –la –ti – do) in their music in place of notes, I have been working on incorporating that system in my teaching.

While I was getting ready for the class this afternoon, I rediscovered an excellent way to use the solfeggio system for playing guitar that I had first discovered several years ago. The great advantage of using it is how easy it makes transposing from one key to another.

The next step in learning how to use this system effectively is to teach myself how to read notes from both clefs not with the letter names but with the solfeggio syllable for each note. With consistent practice, I hope I will get to where I can read sheet music so well that I can transpose easily without having to think at all about intervals, etc.



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