Let Us Sing to the Lord!

October 28, 2012

In many ways, Scripture teaches believers to sing to the Lord:

(1) Examples of believers singing to Him (Exod. 15:1; Acts 16:25);

(2) Examples of believers’ resolving to do so (2 Sam. 22:50; Ps. 104:33);

(3) Prophecies about those who will sing to Him (Isa. 52:8; Jer. 31:12; cf. 1 Chr. 16:33);

(4) Commands for people to sing to Him (1 Chr. 16:23; Ps. 33:2);

(5) Mutual exhortation for people to sing to Him (Ps. 95:1-2)

(6) Instruction that a believer’s doing so is good (Ps. 92:1) and pleasant (Ps. 135:3)

(7) Record of the Lord’s gracious working on behalf of a believer so that he would sing to Him (Ps. 30:11-12)

(8) Explanation that obedience to the command for believers to be filled with the Spirit will result in their singing to Him (Eph. 5:18-19)

(9) Visions of people singing to Him in heaven (Rev. 15:2-4; cf. 5:8-14)

Based on this abundant revelation, let us all sing to the Lord as long as we live and have our being (Ps. 104:33)!



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