Counsel from Psalm 62 for People Disheartened by the Recent Elections

November 17, 2012

The outcome of the recent elections has left many dedicated, honest people who love their country greatly disheartened. Psalm 62 provides some biblical counsel for such people.

Assailed by murderous (62:3), lying opponents (62:4), David counseled both himself (62:5) and others (62:8, 10) about who and what to turn to in such times of trouble. His counsel may be summarized in the following points:

1. Wait in silence for God alone to save you (62:1, 5)

David begins the Psalm by declaring that he was waiting in silence for help from God (62:1a) because his salvation was from God (62:1b), who alone was his rock, salvation, and stronghold (62:2a). In light of these realities, he was confident that he would not be greatly shaken (62:2b).

After inquiring of his enemies about how long they intended wickedly to assail him (62:3-4), he challenged himself to do the very thing that he had already been doing—wait silently for God only (62:5a). He understood that he should do so because his hope was in God (62:5b), who alone was his rock, salvation, and stronghold (62:6a). Being mindful of these truths, he assured himself that he would not be shaken (62:6b).

Repeating these truths in the psalm (62:1-2; 5-6), David emphasized their importance. He then added that his salvation and glory were resting on God (62:7a). His refuge, the “rock of his strength,” was in God (62:7b).

Believers should wait confidently and in quite repose for God’s deliverance. Despite the advancement of evil that is taking place, God is on the throne, and He alone is worthy of our hope and trust. In His time and way, He is going to deal righteously with the vicious, lying people who are assailing ordinary, God-fearing people with their media propaganda and pernicious policies.

2. Trust in God at all times (62:8a)

Based on God’s being both David’s refuge (62:7) and a refuge for His people (62:8a), they are to put their trust in Him at all times. Whether we experience political defeat or victory, our trust must be in Him. Now is the time for us to turn to God all the more.

3. Pour out your heart before Him (62:8b)

David conjoined trust in God with praying earnestly to Him with our whole heart. We need now to turn to God in prayer individually and corporately like we never have before. He is our only hope in these dark times.

4. Counsel yourself to think properly about people (62:9)

David reminded himself that both lowly men, who are only vanity, and men of high rank, who are a lie, are ultimately vain beings who are hopelessly underweight on God’s balances; in fact, both individually and corporately, they are lighter than breath (62:9). The recent advancement of many people to positions of power and influence, many of whom sadly will likely prove to be unrighteous public officials, should not deceive us into thinking more of them than is fitting. God is in control, and we should turn our entire focus towards His exaltation over all men, righteous and unrighteous, poor or rich, lowly or powerful.

5. Do not put your trust or hope in any evil means of earthly advancement (62:10)

David warns us not to trust in oppression, robbery, or increasing wealth. Although many oppressors are prospering materially in our day, their earthly advancement through unrighteous means is vain and will not be lasting. In a time when temptations to be unrighteous in our dealings with other people will undoubtedly increase, we must resolve that we will only advance in godly ways that display that our hearts are trusting wholly on God as our hope.

6. Hear what God has repeatedly spoken about His power and lovingkindness to repay every man according to his work (62:11-12)

Repeatedly hearing God’s speaking to him, David was solidly grounded in key ultimate realities: both power and lovingkindness are God’s because He is the Lord who is over all (62:11-12a). Because He righteously repays every man in keeping with his deeds, lovingkindess is His (62:12b).

Although evil men may advance in power, they do so only because God’s power has put them there for His own purposes. He will repay them for all that they do in their exercise of their God-given authority.

Similarly, when the righteous do not advance politically, they can yet be assured that God will repay them for their righteousness in spite of His not advancing them in that sphere. His lovingkindness will not allow them to be ashamed ultimately of their trust in Him.

God’s Counsel for Our Times

In the midst of the increasingly trying circumstances that righteous people will undoubtedly face as a result of the outcome of the recent elections, we must entrust ourselves wholly to the supreme power and lovingkindness of our God. No evil man will ultimately prosper because God the righteous Judge of all will repay him for his evil.

Moreover, no righteous man will ultimately fail to prosper because our Judge’s power and lovingkindness will repay us for our trust and hope in Him. Our God reigns—let us take heart, trust, pray, and do good to all men, especially our brethren, until our Lord comes.

Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.



Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.