Does God Tell Ordinary Believers What to Do Today?

September 27, 2013

For most of the past year, I wanted to participate in door-to-door evangelism through my church but was not able to because I could not figure out a good way to resolve the scheduling difficulties that I faced with doing so. As a result, last year was the first year that I did not engage in that ministry on as regular a basis as I have in all my previous years of being a believer.

This past Saturday, I really wanted to go out and evangelize Spanish people in the neighborhoods of my church. I ended up not going out because it rained most of the day and because I was not able to find someone to go with me.

On Sunday morning, I woke up and read my Bible, as I usually do. After doing so, a thought came to my mind while I was getting ready to go to church—a thought that was not at all connected with anything that I had read in Scripture that morning.

I was amazed that this thought came to my mind because I had not prayed about this matter and had not talked with anyone else about it. In fact, I had not even given any thought that morning to the subject matter that the thought concerned!

As soon as it came into my mind, I realized that I now had a good solution to the scheduling difficulties that for some time now had made it unworkable for me to participate regularly in visitation ministry through my church. I thanked God for graciously giving me direction about this matter that was really important to me!

Thanks to this insight, I was able to go on visitation this past Sunday afternoon for the first time in many months. I even shared with my evangelism partner how this solution had come to my mind and provided me with a feasible way to participate in this ministry when I am not able to go out at other times during the week.

I marvel at the simplicity of the solution that God gave to my situation—a solution that had never occurred to me in all my thinking about how to resolve the problem. I have no doubt in my mind that God told me what to do to solve my problem.

Furthermore, He did so without my praying about it or getting counsel from anyone else. He also did so without my getting any direction from Scripture about solving such a problem.

Does God tell ordinary believers what to do today about specific matters that Scripture does not address? I believe that He who lives within us can and does do so, as He sees fit!

Copyright © 2011-2023 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.



Copyright © 2011-2023 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.