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“Always the Same” is a beautiful hymn by Ron Hamilton that extols how Jesus is unchanging. Recently, four of us from my church ministered this hymn as an oboe, cello, viola, and guitar quartet.

“Old MacDonald” is a favorite kids’ song that many children learn at an early age. “David Learned to Play the Harp” is sung to the same tune, but it teaches some biblical truth.

This PDF provides the melody notes, lyrics, and guitar chords to play this song in the key of C. You can practice playing and singing the song using the audio provided below.

David Learned to Play the Harp

David learned to play the harp;
Little did he know;
That one day God would use him to
Make a demon go.

With a note, note here,
And a chord, chord there,
Ev’rywhere, ev’ry day,
He would play a psalm, psalm.

David learned to play the harp,
pleasing his God so.

Copyright © 2017 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.

“Feliz, feliz, cumpleaños” is a very popular Spanish hymn that is widely used to wish God’s blessings on people on their birthdays. The hymn is played using 9 fairly basic chords: C, CM7, D, D7, Dm, Em, F, G, and G7.

This PDF provides the first line of the song, the guitar chords, and chord diagrams for each chord the first time that chord is played in the song. You can practice playing these chords with the following audio of the song:


Blest Be the Tie That Binds“Blest Be the Tie That Binds” is a short song that has a very simple rhythm. This PDF provides the melody, guitar chords, and first stanza for playing the song in the key of F.

Practice playing the melody and the chords along with the melody (2 introductory measures):

Below is an easy-to-play PDF that makes playing the chords for the hymn “Grace Greater than Our Sins” pretty simple. The diagrams show how to strum the first four measures of the song. The rest of the song has the same duration notes.

Measure 1

GGTOSins Measure 1 Rhythm


Strum the G chord in this measure 3 times, counting the rhythm as shown above the three slash marks.

Measure 2

GGTOSins Measure 2 Rhythm


Change to a D chord in time to strum it on beat 1 of this measure and strum it again on beats 2 and 3.

Measure 3

GGTOSins Measure 3 Rhythm


Change back to a G chord in time to strum it on beat 1 of measure 3 and hold it for two beats. Strum the G again on beat 3.

Measure 4

GGTOSins Measure 4 Rhythm


Strum a G chord on beat 1 of measure 4 and hold it for 3 beats.

Now you should know how to play the chords for the whole song, as shown by the chord diagrams and slashes in this PDF!

Practice playing the chords to the melody:

“Dios es siempre bueno” is my newest Spanish hymn for children. Written to a simple, nice melody that I found in an English hymnal, this song emphasizes the glorious truth that God is always good!


Dios es siempre bueno (

Dios es siem-pre bue-no,
fiel es el Se-
Nun-ca fa-lla en ben-de-cir
por-que Él es a-mor.

Dios es siem-pre bue-no,
de mi a-flic-ción,
en su tiem-po li-bra-rá
por su re-den-ción.

Dios es siem-pre bue-no,
Él es mi Se-ñor.
Na-die me se-pa-ra-rá
de su gran a-mor.

Dios es siem-pre bue-no,
Él me da fa-vor.
¿De quién te-me-ré ya que
Él es mi te-mor?

Copyright © 2016 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.

You may use this song in a ministry context provided you do not change any of the words and you provide copyright information to anyone whom you distribute it. Please contact me for any other use of the song.


“Hallelujah, What a Savior!” is a familiar song that is easy to play on the guitar. Here is a PDF of the guitar music for the song with the melody notes, first stanza, and chords, including chord diagrams. You can practice playing the song by playing along with this audio of it:


To simplify playing the song, play the slash chords as regular chords (play C instead of C/E) and skip playing some of the chords, such as E7 in measure 2.

Using MuseScore2, an excellent free music notation software, I produced a free PDF of the guitar music for Oh, aldehuela de Belén.

This PDF provides the melody, the first stanza, and the guitar chords to play this Christmas hymn in the key of F. It also provides the chord diagrams for every chord in the song for the first time that you play the chord in the song.

You can practice playing the melody and practice playing the chords along with the melody with this audio of the song:


“Whiter than Snow” is a hymn that powerfully expresses a believer’s pleading with the Lord to cleanse him completely. This PDF provides the guitar music for the hymn in the key of G, the first stanza, and chord diagrams for all the chords used in the song.

You can listen to the chords of this hymn played on the guitar (along with the melody and certain other parts) here.

Right Hand RGIf you live in the Greenville, SC, area and are interested in learning to play the guitar for use in Christian ministry, I am offering beginning on July 20 two sections of a six-week beginner’s class at a phenomenal price! Each class lasts for 45-minutes and includes thorough instruction in my original method that will help you get off to a great start!

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You can learn more about my guitar playing by watching this guitar-cello video.