On Fallen Angels as a Leading Source of Human Unbelief in Creation

July 16, 2015

God is the only One who has existed forever. When God, therefore, created the first angel(s), there were no other created beings in existence.

Because all angels are created beings, they must believe what God has told them about His having created them and that they have not always existed, as God has. Since no angels were around to witness God’s creating at least the first angel(s) who was/were created, righteous angels exercise faith in what God tells them about their origin.

It makes sense to think, however, that some or perhaps all fallen angels reject what God has told them about their origin. Given this demonic rejection of the truth of their being created beings, it would naturally follow that some or all demons have played a leading role in influencing humans around the world to reject the biblical doctrine of creation.

I think that we would do well to present this biblical line of reasoning to those who reject the biblical doctrine of creation and challenge them that their rejection puts them in line with evil supernatural beings. What do you think?



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2 responses to On Fallen Angels as a Leading Source of Human Unbelief in Creation

  1. Satan always rejects God’s claims. Your reasoning is sensible. Even though God is always correct and always prevails, still Satan and his army of fallen angels reject God’s edicts, prophecies and claims. Thus, even after our Lord’s victory on the cross, The Evil One still believes he will somehow defeat God and prove him in error. Your line of thought is consistent with the work of Lucifer.


    • Thanks for the feedback, Alex. My recent immersion for many weeks in studying Genesis 1-4 in relation to the book of Revelation has illumined my mind to having an even greater sense of the importance of considering the continuing role of Satan in bringing about the destruction of men. It has been a sobering study!