Why a “3D” View of Politics is Essential

March 28, 2016
Yes, God is sovereign and whomever He has willed to become the next president of the US will become the next president. Nothing that anyone anywhere can do or will do is going to change that reality.
It is also true that God holds all people accountable for all their actions. Americans who have the privilege of voting must carefully consider who the candidates for an office are and what they are doing and saying.
I think that many Americans, including Christians, are overlooking a vital third dimension in their thinking about politics. Scripture teaches us that there is a vast horde of evil spirit beings who are continuously active in heaven and earth in opposing the purposes and people of God.
We cannot know in advance, who the sovereign choice of God for the next president of the US is. We cannot know with full certainty what is in the heart of any of the candidates.
We can, however, know from Scripture that every evil spirit being would be the most supportive of all of candidates who most actively oppose the purposes of God with their character, actions, and policies.
Viewed from this standpoint, which of the current candidates running for president of the US is the one towards whom satanic activity would be the most intensely directed in trying to prevent him from becoming the next president? Would not demonic forces most strongly oppose the candidate who is more strongly pro-Israel and pro-Christian than any of the other candidates are?



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