Sixteenth Note Study: Sheet Music and Audio

October 15, 2012

Learning to play sixteenth notes is often difficult for beginning guitar students. To help make this important skill easier to learn, I have created this simplified version of the melody of the hymn Standing on the Promises.

You can listen to the audio of this version at three tempos: 41 bpm; 51 bpm; and 60 bpm. The audio begins with one measure of silence and then two measures to set the tempo. These three measures are designed to give you time after starting the audio to get ready on the guitar.

Count each measure as follows: 1 e & a; 2 e & a; 3 e & a; 4 e & a. When you understand how to count the piece and when each note is played, practice playing along with the audio. With consistent practice, you should be able to play sixteenths notes well!

Note to my guitar students: I have transposed the song from Bb to C and simplified the rhythm. You can see the original melody in the following hymnals: Hymns of Grace and Glory (214); Himnos Majestuosos: Edición Revisada (439); and Celebremos Su Gloria (273).

Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.



Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.