Jesus Loves Aborted Children

April 13, 2013

Jesus Loves the Little Children, by C. H. Woolston and George F. Root, is a classic children’s song that celebrates His love for little children. The words of Jesus Loves Aborted Children use the same tune to declare and magnify the love of Jesus for the multitudes of precious children who have been mercilessly aborted.

Stanza 1 magnifies the life of rejoicing in His presence that they live now! Stanzas 2 and 3 emphasize the truth of their living again physically some day before the throne of Jesus.

These words should be sung slowly and meditatively:


Jesus Loves Aborted Children


1. Jesus loves aborted children;

They now suffer no more pain;

Knowing Him who once was dead,

They live through Him who has bled.

Bowing at His throne,

Rejoicing they remain!


2. Jesus loves aborted children;

They’ve been mercilessly slain.

He will raise them from the dead;

Those who slew them will regret,

When before His throne,

They face them once again.


3. Jesus loves aborted children;

They will never die again.

They will rise up from the dead;

They will praise Him as their Head;

When before His throne,

They know life once again.


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