Through the Bible in 2013!

October 22, 2013

Yesterday, I finished reading through the Bible in 2013. I praise God for giving me the opportunity to read all of His Word one more time!

Although I had hoped to read the entire Bible in Spanish in 2013, I did not have end up doing so. I also did not end up having any other special Bible reading project this year that concerned going through the Bible or some major section of it in some unusual way.

Having immersed myself in Psalms last year, I actually found it difficult for the first half of this year to read much in the Psalms. Thankfully, in recent months, I was able to read the book and again be ministered to greatly by doing so.

Although I did not have any special project, I did intensively study many passages about music this year. I continue to have a strong desire to address the CCM issue as thoroughly as possible from a biblical standpoint.

More than any other passage, I have focused on Exodus 32 this year and have profited immensely from doing so. I am still studying the passages about the Golden Calf incident and anticipate writing some more articles on that subject (my six previous articles about the incident are listed in point 11 in this post).

As the Lord leads, I think that I may try again in 2014 to read the entire Bible in Spanish and English.



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