Two New Stanzas for “He Is Lord”

April 23, 2014

Based on Philippians 2:11, stanza one of the song “He is Lord” extols Jesus Christ as Lord.

I have written two new stanzas that extol Him as King and as Judge, respectively. Together, these three stanzas trumpet the glory of Jesus Christ as the One who has been exalted by God the Father to be the Lord of all!

He Is Lord

1. He is Lord, He is Lord!
He is ris-en from the dead, and He is Lord!
Ev-‘ry knee shall bow, ev-‘ry tongue confess
That Je-sus Christ is Lord!

2. He is King, He is King!
He is rul-ing from His throne, and He is King!
Ev-‘ry knee shall bow, ev-‘ry soul give praise
To Je-sus Christ, the King!

3. He is Judge, He is Judge!
He is seat-ed up on high, and He is Judge!
Ev-‘ry knee shall bow, ev-‘ry one shall hon-
or Je-sus Christ as Judge!

Stanzas 2-3 Copyright © 2014 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.

You may use the new stanzas of this song in a ministry context provided you do not change any of the words and you provide copyright information to anyone whom you distribute it. Please contact me for any other use of these stanzas.



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