“O Lord, While We Confess the Worth”

November 12, 2016

I recently found two excellent hymns to use for engaging in gospel self-talk through believer’s baptism: Baptismal Hymn and O Lord, While We Confess the Worth. Written by Mary B. Peters, O Lord While We Confess the Worth sets forth truths that are worth meditating on individually and ministering to one another corporately!

O Lord, While We Confess the Worth

O Lord, while we confess the worth
Of this, the outward seal,
Do Thou, the truths here-in set forth,
To ev-‘ry heart reveal.

Death to the world we here avow,
Death to each fleshly lust;
Newness of life our calling now,
A risen Lord our trust.

And we, O Lord, who now partake
Of resurrection life,
With ev-‘ry sin, for Thy dear sake,
Would be at constant strife.

Baptized into the Father’s name,
We’d walk as sons of God;
Baptized in Thine, we own Thy claim,
As ransomed by Thy blood.

Baptized into the Holy Ghost,
We’d keep His temple pure;
And make Thy grace our only boast,
And by Thy strength endure.



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