How Much Do You Know about Acceptable Music for Corporate Worship?   

February 27, 2018

After the first 5 classes of my 15-week class on acceptable music for corporate worship, my students have learned specific Bible answers to each of the following 20 questions. How many of these questions are you able to answer?

  1. What 5 truths about the book of Psalms show us that music is important to God?
  2. What are the 9 periods that span all that the Bible teaches us about music?
  3. Does the Bible teach that Jubal invented the musical instruments that he played? Explain your answer.
  4. How do we know that music without words is not neutral or amoral? Discuss at least 2 passages that teach us this truth.
  5. Who is the most important human musician in Scripture? In what ways does Scripture stress his importance?
  6. What two passages teach us that human culture making activities are not guaranteed to produce things that are good just because the product was made from good things that God made? Explain how they teach us this vital truth.
  7. How does Scripture teach us that no musical instrument is inherently evil? Which book specifically teaches us this truth and how does it do so?
  8. Who is the earliest recorded person to command God’s people to sing to the Lord? What else is important about what this person did when this command was given?
  9. What are the four lengthy song texts that are in the first ten books of the Bible? What is one specific truth about God that all of these songs emphasize about Him?
  10. What passage teaches what a musical instrument is and what characteristics music that is ministered must have in order for it to be fit for ministry? Explain its teaching about both of these points.
  11. What key passage stresses that we cannot follow the practices of wicked people in what we do in worshiping God with music?
  12. What passage teaches us about the power of instrumental music to affect humans and angels? How does it teach us this truth?
  13. Why is Psalm 40:1-3 not the salvation testimony of a lost person who became a believer?
  14. Why is Genesis 1:20-21 important for our understanding of music?
  15. How do we know that music is not a human invention?
  16. What key passage commands us three times to use musical instruments in divine worship? What else does it teach about the use of musical instruments in worship?
  17. What key passage commands us five times to sing praise to God? Who is commanded to do so in this passage?
  18. Who are the four classes of living beings that Scripture records engage in musical activity? List one passage for each class that records such activity.
  19. What passage teaches us that demons influenced humans to produce unacceptable music for corporate worship? How does this passage teach us that demons played a role in what took place on this occasion?
  20. Why is rock music not acceptable music for corporate worship? What passages show us that it is an ungodly style of music?


Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.



Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.