“Top Posts for all days ending 2021-06-30”

June 30, 2021

The following table provides the latest information (as of 10:25 pm) for the total number of views on my blog for posts that have had 1,000 or more views. It is interesting to consider the varying subject matter of these posts.

Top Posts for all days ending 2021-06-30
All Time
Title Views
Nine Reasons Why Solomon Did Not Perish Eternally 28,359
The Ten Longest Chapters in Scripture (by Total Number of Words) 17,412
Did Solomon Repent Before He Died? 17,201
Home page / Archives 11,776
The Ten* Longest Verses in the Bible 9,040
Striking Parallels between Jesus and Stephen 7,888
The “Problem” of Jemimah, Keziah, and Keren-Happuch? 7,692
‘God is My Judge’ 6,475
The Biblical Importance of a Proper Burial 5,445
Prayer for a Scammer 3,598
Did King Josiah Die Out of the Will of God? 3,123
25 Parallels between Genesis 1-4 and Revelation 19-22 3,043
The “Sabbath” Psalms 2,711
Beware the Temporary Pleasures of Sin! 2,448
The Autobiography of Dr. Frank Watson Garlock 2,420
Two Biblical Greetings That Are Worth Using 2,362
A Widespread, False Assertion about Corinthian Prostitutes and Paul’s Teaching about Head Coverings 1,796
Is God’s Blessing of the Rechabites for Abstaining from Alcohol Relevant for the Contemporary Alcohol Debate? 1,733
The Wilds Songbook: Eight Edition 1,608
The Importance of 1 Samuel 16:14-23 for a Sound Theology of Music 1,603
A Study of Whom God Refers to by Saying, “My Servant” 1,579
Will Jesus Raise You Up at the Last Day? 1,572
Twelve Facts about the Biblical Importance of Music 1,557
Christian Health/Fitness Quotes I 1,462
About Rajesh Gandhi 1,427
Did Boaz and Ruth Fornicate on the Night Before They Were Married? 1,401
Top Ten Bible Chapters by Number of Verses 1,286
Guitar Music for “Praise Him, All Ye Little Children” 1,176
“Play Skillfully with a Loud Noise”! 1,122
Speed Listening and Reading the Bible 1,081
Basic Greek Prepositions Pie Chart 1,036

I still am amazed that the most viewed post on my blog has to do with biblical reasons for why Solomon did not perish eternally! I never would have guessed that subject would elicit so much interest.

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Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.