The Profaning of God’s Name in the Psalms

November 27, 2021

In my previous post, I treated the many ways that Psalms teaches us about the hallowing of God’s name. This post compiles the verses in the Psalms that explicitly concern the profaning of God’s name in various ways.

Ps. 44:20  If we have forgotten the name of our God, or stretched out our hands to a strange god;


Ps. 74:7  They have cast fire into thy sanctuary, they have defiled by casting down the dwelling place of thy name to the ground.


Ps. 74:10  O God, how long shall the adversary reproach? shall the enemy blaspheme thy name for ever?

Ps. 74:18  Remember this, that the enemy hath reproached, O LORD, and that the foolish people have blasphemed thy name.


Ps. 79:6  Pour out thy wrath upon the heathen that have not known thee, and upon the kingdoms that have not called upon thy name.


Ps. 139:20  For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.

Let us carefully heed the revelation in Psalms about both the hallowing of God’s name and the profaning of His name so that we will give Him the glory that is due His name in every way that we must do so.

Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.



Copyright © 2011-2024 by Rajesh Gandhi. All rights reserved.