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Understanding what the Bible teaches about marriage is a crucial matter. Pastor Minnick’s recent message, “Marriage of God’s Making,” provides eminently biblical instruction about this vital subject.

“Created Male and Female” is an excellent sermon by my pastor Dr. Mark Minnick that is worth listening to and will profit you.

El hablarnos a nosotros mismos correctamente es una disciplina cristiana esencial. Los siguientes 18 pasajes nos dan declaraciones bíblicas directas las cuales nos instruyen sobre lo que debemos decirnos a nosotros mismos.

  1. Psa 42:5 ¿Por qué te abates, oh alma mía, Y te turbas dentro de mí? Espera en Dios; porque aún he de alabarle, Salvación mía y Dios mío.
  2. Psa 42:11 ¿Por qué te abates, oh alma mía, Y por qué te turbas dentro de mí? Espera en Dios; porque aún he de alabarle, Salvación mía y Dios mío.
  3. Psa 43:5 ¿Por qué te abates, oh alma mía, Y por qué te turbas dentro de mí? Espera en Dios; porque aún he de alabarle, Salvación mía y Dios mío.
  4. Psa 62:5 Alma mía, en Dios solamente reposa, Porque de él es mi esperanza.  6 El solamente es mi roca y mi salvación. Es mi refugio, no resbalaré. 7 En Dios está mi salvación y mi gloria; En Dios está mi roca fuerte, y mi refugio.
  5. Psa 103:1 <Salmo de David.> Bendice, alma mía, a Jehová, Y bendiga todo mi ser su santo nombre.
  6. Psa 103:2 Bendice, alma mía, a Jehová, Y no olvides ninguno de sus beneficios.
  7. Psa 103:22 Bendecid a Jehová, vosotras todas sus obras, En todos los lugares de su señorío. Bendice, alma mía, a Jehová.
  8. Psa 104:1 Bendice, alma mía, a Jehová. Jehová Dios mío, mucho te has engrandecido; Te has vestido de gloria y de magnificencia.
  9. Psa 104:35 Sean consumidos de la tierra los pecadores, Y los impíos dejen de ser. Bendice, alma mía, a Jehová. Aleluya.
  10. Psa 111:1 <Aleluya.> Alabaré a Jehová con todo el corazón En la compañía y congregación de los rectos.
  11. Psa 116:7 Vuelve, oh alma mía, a tu reposo, Porque Jehová te ha hecho bien.
  12. Psa 131:2 En verdad que me he comportado y he acallado mi alma Como un niño destetado de su madre; Como un niño destetado está mi alma.
  13. Psa 146:1 <Aleluya.> Alaba, oh alma mía, a Jehová.
  14. Ecc 3:17 Y dije yo en mi corazón: Al justo y al impío juzgará Dios; porque allí hay un tiempo para todo lo que se quiere y para todo lo que se hace. 18 Dije en mi corazón: Es así, por causa de los hijos de los hombres, para que Dios los pruebe, y para que vean que ellos mismos son semejantes a las bestias.
  15. Lam 3:21 Esto recapacitaré en mi corazón, por lo tanto esperaré. 22 Por la misericordia de Jehová no hemos sido consumidos, porque nunca decayeron sus misericordias. 23 Nuevas son cada mañana; grande es tu fidelidad. 24 Mi porción es Jehová, dijo mi alma; por tanto, en él esperaré. 25 Bueno es Jehová a los que en él esperan, al alma que le busca. 26 Bueno es esperar en silencio la salvación de Jehová. 27 Bueno le es al hombre llevar el yugo desde su juventud.
  16. Mat 9:21 porque decía dentro de sí: Si tocare solamente su manto, seré salva.
  17. Luk 15:17 Y volviendo en sí, dijo: ¡Cuántos jornaleros en casa de mi padre tienen abundancia de pan, y yo aquí perezco de hambre! 18 Me levantaré e iré a mi padre, y le diré: Padre, he pecado contra el cielo y contra ti. 19 Ya no soy digno de ser llamado tu hijo; hazme como a uno de tus jornaleros.
  18. Heb 13:5 Sean vuestras costumbres sin avaricia, contentos con lo que tenéis ahora; porque él dijo: No te desampararé, ni te dejaré;  6 de manera que podemos decir confiadamente: El Señor es mi ayudador; no temeré Lo que me pueda hacer el hombre.




Based on information from a friend, I downloaded this morning an excellent free audio transcription program: Express Scribe!

I have several audio sermons that I would like to transcribe and found that this software makes the task a lot easier. I praise God for this free resource!

I praise God for the grace that He imparted me to minister His truth about music to the brethren of Foundation Baptist Church on March 26, 2017. At my request, Pastor Gillis has written a recommendation letter for my ministry.

He also shared the following “blurb” with me about my ministry:

Most Christians agree that music is an important factor in our worship of God. However, there is much debate about the style of music to be used. Most agree that what the words say is very important, but there is disagreement about the morality of the music itself. What do I think? That’s not important. What God says in His Word is, however, critical. Dr. Rajesh Gandhi recently spoke at our church on Acceptable Music for Corporate Worship. The four messages focused on what the Bible says about the subject. Foundational to the series was an effective refutation of the popular meme that music is neither right nor wrong (amoral). This was interwoven with a Biblical theology of music throughout the Bible and the history of man. For those who want to please God with all they do, including their music, this series of messages is essential. May God open the doors for this message to be taught.

If you know of any brethren who would be interested in having me minister to their people on this subject, please have them contact me. Thanks for any help that any of you as readers of this post is able to provide me with in reaching more brethren with these messages.

Lord willing, I will be preaching a series of four messages about the Bible and music on March 26! I would appreciate prayers for Spirit-filled skillfulness in preparing for these messages and in preaching them. Thanks in advance to anyone whom God leads to pray for me concerning this preaching series.

My ministry this year was greatly blessed by my beginning this year by reading the entire Bible in 59 days! I also made it through the NT this year a second time and read much of the Bible in Spanish.

This year was an especially fruitful year for me in ministering the Bible because I had two new teaching opportunities. I also had many other opportunities to minister, especially in teaching, music ministry, and writing on my blog.

Preaching, Teaching, and Scripture Reading

I had two preaching opportunities this year: prayer meeting at my church, Mount Calvary Baptist in Greenville, SC, and a Sunday morning service in a church in Georgia. Although I had already preached both these messages before elsewhere, preaching them again allowed me to improve both messages substantially.

Two new opportunities to minister were given to me this year in teaching at my church: teaching a combined adult Sunday school class and teaching a 16-week adult Sunday school class in the fall. In addition, I taught Sunday school once at a church in Georgia.

I did the Scripture reading for two morning services at my church. For the first time, I also read Scripture for a morning service in my church’s Spanish ministry.

Music Ministry

I ministered with other instrumentalists in one opener for a service and in two offertories. I accompanied various people singing specials in our Spanish ministry four times this year.

Online, I was able to teach guitar to a developing guitarist overseas who has made encouraging progress in preparing himself for using the guitar for ministry. My teaching guitar this year also included instructing a few students personally.

I also sang with a group of men for a special in our Spanish ministry. I wrote one new Spanish hymn for children this year, “Dios es siempre bueno!”

Other Ministry

Regular participation in neighborhood evangelism this summer and in Spanish evangelism at various times throughout the year afforded me many opportunities to minister Scripture to both believers and unbelievers. I also worked in registration for our annual Neighborhood Bible School.

In our Spanish ministry, I prayed for and took the offering several times. For our Men’s Ministry, I wrote one article for the manual and attended all of our prayer breakfasts.

Tutoring a Seminary student in New Testament Greek for several months this summer provided me with a good opportunity to teach elementary Greek again. By regular participation in two discussion groups on Facebook, I was able to give God’s truths numerous times to lost people and saved people.

I gave a brief devotional at the beginning of the workday nearly every Tuesday this year. I also frequently shared Scriptural truths with my coworkers.

I posted on my blog 77 times in 2016, counting this post. The majority of my posts shared biblical truths that God has given me over the years in my own study of Scripture, which has been the major focus of my blog from the beginning.

I praise the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness to me in allowing me to minister so abundantly in 2016!

I praise God for the encouraging feedback that I received last night about how God ministered through me as I preached my message, “Faithful Spiritual Leadership,” from 1 Samuel 12! May He see fit to continue to use it to advance His kingdom and righteousness.

Here is the audio of my message:


My message was enhanced through the use of two graphics that I made that bring out key features of this passage. This first graphic shows how 1 Samuel 12 records the extensive dialogue between Samuel (in green) and the people of Israel (in blue).

1Sam 12 as dialogue


This second graphic shows how profoundly Samuel emphasized God as the Lord (Heb. Yahweh) to these people as he ministered to them (31x, highlighted in yellow; the people spoke of God as the Lord once, which is highlighted in blue).

1Sam 12 the Lord highlighted


For the main points of this message, see this previous post.

On Excellence in Preaching

January 4, 2016

Jesus of Nazareth was the greatest preacher who has ever lived. Matthew 5-7 provides the lengthiest record of any of His sermons.

The Holy Spirit has bracketed that record with these four statements:

Mat 5:1 And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:

 2 And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

Mat 7:28 And it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine:

 29 For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.

These divinely inspired words reveal that the greatest sermon of the greatest preacher who has ever lived was foremost an instance of His authoritatively teaching His audience! Based on this evidence, we must conclude that excellence in preaching first of all concerns the nature of the teaching that a preacher provides to his hearers.

We must also be careful about making dichotomous statements about preaching versus teaching, as if the two were sharply distinct. Because Matthew 5-7 shows that excellent preaching essentially includes authoritative teaching that instructs people in doctrine, we must not make statements that downplay the importance of the teaching that a preacher provides when he preaches.




A Sacrifice of Praise – 2015

November 26, 2015

I praise the Lord for many things that He has done for me in 2015 and for His many blessings to me so far this year! The following summarizes the Lord’s blessings upon me in some key areas.

Bible Reading

I read the Bible through in English this year and am on target for finishing reading through the NT in Spanish by the end of the year. I also read the book of Revelation through sixteen times from mid-April to July!


The Lord blessed me with four opportunities to preach in February 2015 at Iglesia Bautista de La Fe in Greenville, SC. Although I have prayed for and would have loved to have had many more opportunities to preach, the Lord thus far has not seen fit to give me any more preaching opportunities this year.


This summer, I taught an adult Sunday school class for 8 weeks at my church, Beginnings at the End: Creation, Fall, and Redemption in the Book of Revelation. The series featured a thorough comparative analysis of Genesis 1-4 with the book of Revelation.

Guitar for Ministry

I had a number of opportunities to use the guitar in ministering to brethren this year. Along with a cellist and a violist, I played for three openers for the regular Sunday services at my church.

I accompanied a special for our Neighborhood Bible Class ministry on one Sunday this year. I also accompanied people singing specials on five Sundays in our Spanish ministry, and I ministered an offertory with a cellist on another Sunday.

I have had the privilege this year of teaching how to use the guitar in ministry on numerous occasions to some brethren from two Spanish churches. All of my students have made encouraging progress!

Spanish Ministry

The Lord has blessed me by allowing me to participate in the Spanish ministry of my church every other week this year, including giving a testimony in January about reading through the Bible in Spanish in 2014, praying for the offering in the service on several Sundays, and playing the guitar for specials six times. I also participated in evangelizing Spanish-speaking people on many occasions this year through our church’s regular neighborhood evangelism program.

The Lord has enabled me to produce several articles in Spanish this year. I have also produced some additional music resources in Spanish.

Blog Posts

This year, I have posted 84 times on my blog so far, bringing the total number of posts to 808 since February of 2011. I am very thankful for the Lord’s opening this ministry avenue to me and allowing me to continue in it!

Other Blessings

I got to participate in our church’s Good News ministry twice this year. In July, I helped each night with registration for our Neighborhood Bible Class ministry. On one Sunday, I did the Scripture reading for the morning service.

The Lord has blessed me with full-time work this entire year, including the privilege of giving a devotional every week at the beginning of our work day on Mondays. He has blessed me with several new guitar students this year, including my first online student!

Finally, although I have not progressed as much as I would have liked, I praise God for the substantial progress that He has allowed me to make this year in reading, speaking, and understanding spoken Spanish. I am especially thankful that I was able this year to make it through all the numerous free Spanish lessons at

Blessed be the Lord who has continued His infinite goodness to me in 2015!